In-house Web sites put design firms on the run

Over two thirds of the 79,000 UK businesses with Web sites designed them themselves, according to a recent report.

The remaining businesses are using Web designers to create the pages for their Internet site, said the report on the corporate Web design market.

Over 1,500 designers are competing for a slice of the booming market and their clients are generally satisfied with their work, it added.

The report, published by Solomon Business Research, reveals that the average amount spent to set up a site is around £4,965, with a recent drop to £3,000, but prices generally started at £100 and rose to over £100,000. It also showed that 41 per cent of buyers considered more than one designer for the work.

The report is based on 250 in-depth interviews with recent purchasers of corporate Web design, plus a survey of over 7,000 other corporate sites.