In MD, students who fail exit exam may take online classes

A program to offer remedial classes online may be unique in the nation.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

Maryland is offering online classes to students in danger of failing the high school exit exam, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Like SAT prep classes that have been available online for several years, the new High School Assessment classes will be offered in high schools around the state to any student who has failed or needs extra help to take the tests.

Algebra and American government are already available to students. Biology will begin this winter and English II will start next fall, said Liz Glowa, state coordinator of virtual learning opportunities.

Maryland will require students, beginning with the class of 2009, to pass four High School Assessments before graduating. Most states with exit exams offer remedial classes, but Maryland may be the only one to offer classes online.

"It sounds pretty unique to me," said Heidi Glidden, assistant director of educational issues for the American Federation of Teachers.
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