In Russia, a sleeping capsule for travelers

Sleepbox lets travelers in a Moscow airport take a timeout.

Sleep deprived and weary travelers in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport can now rent a small pod to recharge themselves and their electronics. The Sleepbox allows travelers to enjoy the luxury of privacy in a very public and active space.

The Sheremetyevo airport has installed the first functioning Sleepbox, designed by the Russian firm arch group. Inspired by the compact sleeping hostels in Japan, the unit holds two bunk beds in close quarters.

The Sleepbox has chic and smart design earmarks including a small footprint and sleek, rounded detailing. Each unit measures six and a half feet long, four and a half feet wide and seven and a half feet high. A simple frame of wooden beams sheathed with laminated moisture-resistant MDF (medium density fiberboard) creates a soundproof enclosure. Besides the beds, the pod is simply equipped with an LED lamp, fold down desktop, and electrical outlets. Flexible ducts allow connection to the general HVAC system for air and temperature control.

Since the units are compact and moveable, they can occupy the valuable but limited space near boarding gates. Users can book the Sleepbox in time increments as little as 30 minutes to rest in an affordable and convenient way.

The Sleepbox in Sheremetyevo is part of an initial demonstration with plans to install additional boxes in more terminals. The designers envision Sleepboxes stationed in any area where people are tired and need a timeout, including offices.

Watch a video of the Sleepbox below:

[via superfuture]
Images: arch group, RIA Novosti

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