Inbox by Gmail adds updated Snooze features

Users may now choose to push emails away until 'Later this week' and 'This weekend.'


Inbox, Google's stab at revamping email as we know it, is getting some updated Snooze features designed to make email procrastination even more intuitive.

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Users may now choose to push emails away until 'Later this week' and 'This weekend.'

Inbox is still a relatively young application in the scheme of Google products, so the Internet giant appears to be emphasizing user feedback as it rolls out new features.

In a blog post, Google said the highly requested Snooze times can also be customized, meaning users can set Inbox to follow their own calendar if they should happen to follow non-traditional weekends. A similar capability already exists for preferred morning times.

"Snoozing emails is great because it helps you focus on what you need to do now instead of what you can put off until later," Google software engineer Michael Landry said in the post. "Starting today, Snooze is getting a new look and two time-saving improvements -- all based on your feedback."

Google also recently added a card approach to searches within the Inbox app. The aim of the feature is to deliver answers to search queries by parsing various conversations and bringing the data forward.