Index Ventures debuts $443m tech fund; big data, cloud, mobile

Seeking big data, cloud, commerce, financial services and mobile tech startups, Index Ventures launches a $443 million early stage fund in Europe.

European venture capital firm Index Ventures announced on Monday that it would launch a new €350 million, or approx. $443 million, early stage technology fund.

It's the final segment of a €1 billion package of new capital that it plans to disburse internationally, in early stage and growth companies in the technology and life sciences industries.

Index has investments in a number of areas and geographies. Within the enterprise space, it's known for successful investments in B-hive (acquired by VMware), (Citrix), FilesX (IBM), MySQL (Sun), KVS (Symantec) and SourceLabs (EMC).

The company's portfolio today spans enterprise software (e.g. Centrify), hardware (Big Switch), SaaS (Dropbox) and cloud.

Index partner Saul Klein writes in a blog post:

[Entrepreneurs] see a world in which few industries are safe from transformation when you combine the mainstream reach and relative capital efficiency of the Internet, mobile and cloud computing with disruptive new business models like marketplaces and SaaS.

Despite economic challenges, Europe remains a "fertile ground to discover and help develop world beating innovations," Klein added. Index's guiding principle has been exporting Silicon Valley-style startup incubation to Europe.

Major areas in which the firm seeks to invest include big data, cloud (consumer & enterprise), commerce (especially fashion), financial services, games, mobile and marketplaces.