India high court rebukes errant states over 'communication gap'

Supreme Court has dismissed the excuse given by stubborn states for ignoring a central government order to end lavish security detail, and tells errant officials to "bring your iPads to court".

Frustrated with Indian states that refuse to follow an order from the central government to slash VIP security, the Supreme Court has used the Apple iPad device to lash out at errant officials.

India's Supreme Court turns to iPad to lash out at errant states which refuse to heed call to reduce VIP security.

The country's highest court gave the country's stubborn states until August 5 to respond to a letter calling for an end to lavish security details for second-tier public officials, according to a report Tuesday on 

Almost 10 states, including Punjab, Gujarat, and Bihar, ignored the instruction which the home secretary had called for two months ago. Punjab cited a "communication gap" as the reason for its failure to respond to the letter. 

 India's Supreme Court said: "We don't accept this communication gap. We are in the 21st century. Bring the iPad inside court, and communicate our order right from here.

"We can understand security being provided to the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Speaker, and their counterparts in the states. But what is the requirement of providing security to judges? Why is security given to those who are not in power and against whom cases are pending?"

The move to trim such resources was initiated to allow law enforcers to direct more focus on public security. In India, there are only 137 policemen for every 100,000 citizens. Last year, the Delhi government spent US$56.8 million (3.4 billion rupees) guarding VVIPs.

The letter was sent after the court called for a consolidated plan on VIP security, an issue which reached fever pitch last December when the nation rioted against the response to the gang-rape of a 23-year-old in Delhi.


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