India officially gets Nexus S and a date for iPad 2

Priced more than in the US, Samsung launches the Nexus S in India and Apple India is set to launch the iPad 2 sooner than expected.

For gadget enthusiasts in India it is quite the ordeal to get their hands on the shiny new gadgets. Drooling at review videos we find friends or relatives and convince them to send us the ones that are not under contracts, till working jailbreaks are available.

The first iPad started retailing from April 3, 2010 in the United States, India got it after 9 months - January 28, 2011. A month later, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2. Any excitement of buying the iPad was almost died. In a pleasantly surprising move, Apple is expected to launch the iPad 2 in India as soon as this week. The speculated pricing for the iPad 2 and Smart Covers are:

A direct comparison based on USD to INR conversion rate of 1 USD = 44.4 INR makes these iPads costlier by more than $100. Having said that, Apple releasing the device within 2 months of US launch should be taken as a positive and hopefully iPhone 5 comes to India much before the iPhone 6 launches. Yesterday, Samsung has announced 6 Android based smartphones including the Google branded Nexus S. The successor to Nexus One was launched on December 16, 2010 in the US. The other five Android handsets are:

  1. Galaxy Pro
  2. Galaxy Ace
  3. Galaxy Fit
  4. Galaxy Pop
  5. Galaxy Pop CDMA

The Nexus S is available via Samsung India at Rs. 29, 590 (~$666) which is costlier than if bought in the US. Indian ecommerce website Flipkart on the other hand has had the handset at a better price. The third ecosystem in the mobile race, Microsoft, hasn't officially announced Windows Phone 7 in India, while OEM partners have made the devices available.

There is a huge mobile market largely dominated by Nokia and Symbian for smart phone manufacturers to capture but late launches and costlier prices won't help. January to March '11 Mobile OS numbers from StatCounter are: