India opposed to controls over Internet for cybersecurity

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal has rejected the idea of having the government or private sector regulate the Internet space in the name of cybersecurity.

India is opposed to regulating the Internet in the name of cybersecurity, and is more worried about a future where private arrmies will control information in cyberspace.

India is opposed to controlling the Internet for cybersecurity.

Kapil Sibal, India's Telecom Minister, said: "We have an inter-governmental committee in the United Nations that is trying to seek to resolve this [cybersecurity] issue through some kind of government control which, I think, as a nation India must oppose."

"India can't be part of controls on the Internet," he said, speaking at Assocham's India Knowledge Summit in New Delhi, according to The Economic Times.

Sibal also opposed the idea of a global body to give the private sector control. "We can't even let that happen because if the private sector controls it then there is no element of accountability and transparency . Where will we go to resolve our issues?" He explained.

Instead, the minister expressed more concern over a future where industry giants and businesses will have private armies controlling information over the Internet .

"Industrial houses and multinationals are going to use cyberspace to promote their products, services and the larger the cyberspace occupied by private armie the more profitable that enterprise is going to be," Sibal said "We need to evolve principles on the basis of which we deal with cyberspace."

The minister's comments comes just days after he flagged jurisdiction issues in dealing with cyberattacks against countries, where he had called for more "accountability and responsibility".

There was asymmetry at the global level on the cyber security laws, and "as long as there is asymmetry, this cannot be dealt with," Sibal said in a separate report.

He added the while government believed in "complete freedom of cyberspace" as freedom of expression was central to India's ideological stand. However, there should be a de facto recognition of threats that are there in cyberspace, the minister said.

"We need to deal with those threats locally and globally. We need a consensus on those. What we don't need is a governed space. I think governance in cyberspace is oxymoron," Sibal noted.

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