India pins cyberattacks on Pakistani hackers

An Indian government spokesperson has accused hacker group, H4x0r HuSsy, of defacing the websites of 13 Goan government departments--the second incident in two years.

Indian official says this is the second of such attacks on Goan government sites.

The Indian government has accused Pakistani cybercriminals of hacking the websites of several department in the state of Goa.

According to a report Tuesday by Silicon India, an Indian government spokesperson said Pakistan-based hacker group, H4x0r HuSsy, attacked the websites of 13 Goan government departments including Fire Services, Captain of Ports, and the NRI Commission.

"They had been hacked into and defaced, but we have completely pulled them down now," the spokesperson said.

He said a complaint would soon be lodged with Goa Police's cyber cell.

According to the Silicon India report, two years ago, the same group hacked the websites of India's State Information and Publicity departments, and posted slogans praising Pakistan and denouncing India.