India police turn to Facebook to catch suspects

Police in Indore city upload photos of suspected bank robbers captured from CCTV, and offer cash reward of about US$6,600 for leads.

Police in Indore, the largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, have turned to netizens for help to trace two suspects behind a bank heist.

They uploaded photos of the duo from footage captured by CCTVs at the bank on Facebook, and have offered a cash reward of 35,000 rupees (US$6,600) for leads, according to the Times of India report Monday.

The two suspects had allegedly robbed 600,000 rupees (US$11,360) from the Kanadia road branch of Bank of Maharashtra in December 2008, said Indore police in the article.

"After police in some cities managed to get leads on criminals and various incidents through the social networking site , we are also trying to take its help, along with other conventional methods, in getting clues about them," a police official said.

He added Facebook users were "sharing" these pictures, which has increased the chances of getting leads about the accused and catching them.