India to set up government group for Web governance

Expected to be formed within weeks, the new inter-ministerial group will allow views of all concerned ministries including the telecoms department to be discussed and for consensus to be reached.

India will set up an inter-ministerial group (IMG) to look at Internet governance so views of all government ministries in the country including concerns about the Web can be discussed and consensus reached.

The Press Trust of India (PTI) reported Wednesday the IMG is expected to be formed within a few weeks, and will comprise all concerned ministries including the department of telecommunications.

India had sought the creation of a United Nations committee for Internet-related policies and Internet governance, bringing the proposal to the United Nations Commission for Science and Technology in May, the report said.

This move, however, was criticized as the equivalent of Web censorship , with Web governance generally considered to involve shared rules and procedures that influenced how the Web was used.

India's Department of IT and Electronics said it is now in discussions with representatives from civil society groups, advocacy groups and industry associations to continue work on the proposal.