Indian govt mulls WeChat ban

Popular Chinese messaging app WeChat has stepped out to defend its security credentials, in the face of a potential ban by the Indian government.

Popular Chinese messaging application, WeChat, has publicly defended its security credentials following reports the Indian government is considering plans to ban the service.

India's state-run newspaper Global Times reported Tuesday that Tencent's spokesperson, Hu Chunnan, said the application complied with all relevant local laws and regulations. The company developed the WeChat app

According to an unnamed Indian official, the government was reviewing whether it should block access to services such as WeChat over national security concerns. "But it is too premature to say whether this application will be banned," the official added.

Other Indian officials had voiced similar concerns about the entrance of Chinese telcos in the country. "Whenever Chinese telecommunications companies come into the fray in India, there is always a bit of controversy following it," an official from the Department of Telecoms, who declined to be named, told the Global Times. 

The report added that an official from the Department of Commerce also pointed to competition from Chinese players in the Indian market. 

The Indian government in May had launched an investigation into Huawei and ZTE equipment as part of increased scrutiny on China's alleged involvement in cyberspionage