Indian software developer Pramati to build cloud platform

The firm aims to develop a cloud platform using the assets it recently acquired from VMware, and believes such acquisitions can help Indian companies play a bigger role in global innovation.

Indian software developer Pramati will build a cloud computing platform using the  WaveMaker assets it acquired from VMware.

"The company is adopting a strategy of how do we accelerate global innovation. It's currently powered by Silicon Valley but we strongly believe the Indian tech companies can join the race. We can work together to accelerate global tech innovation," Jay Pullar, CEO of Pramati told ZDNet.

He added the company planned to release a cloud product in the near future.

VMWare recently offloaded the rapid application development company, which streamlines the Java application building process. In the past two years the developer community has doubled to 35,000 active monthly users.
While Pullar couldn't discuss specific details, he said the intellectual property, staff, and community will reinforce Pramati's cloud strategy.
"Our strategy is to build a global innovation product delivery hub but rather than start all our products from scratch we can also buy products like WaveMaker and jumpstart our strategy in a big fashion," the CEO added. "If we want to be significant tech player in India, it is a matter of finding whatever fits, and knowing what is happening in the market."
The acquisition expands the company's Silicon Valley presence, which stood at 25 people before the acquisition. Overall Pramati employs 650 engineers globally.