Indian WP7 Dell Venue Pro appears with NoDo update

Microsoft's first update doesn't appear to be launching as smoothly as hoped, but a Dell Venue Pro available in India appears to have launched with NoDo already in place.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

My Dell Venue Pro (see my review) is my favorite and primary Windows Phone 7 device. I still haven't gotten the pre-NoDo no functionality update, but according to FoneArena the Venue Pros shipping in India may already have the NoDo update installed with cut, copy, and paste capability.

The software version on their Dell Venue Pro is OS:7.0.7355.0 and Firmware:2250.1800.7355.202. For comparison my Dell Venue Pro shows OS:7.0.7004.0 and Firmware:2250.1500.7004.105. As I mentioned I do not yet have the pre-NoDo update that is proving quite problematic for Samsung devices and still hasn't even come to my T-Mobile HD7. You can check out the NoDo update on the Dell Venue Pro in the video from FoneArena below.

The first device in the US to launch with the NoDo update should be the Sprint HTC Arrive on 20 March. Even though I don't yet have any updates, it is encouraging to me to see a Dell Venue Pro running the update and hopefully it comes soon to all DVP devices.

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