Indianapolis airport adds three EV charging stations

Own an electric car? Now you can recharge at Indianapolis International Airport.

In the latest baby steps to build out infrastructure for electric cars, Indianapolis International Airport has added three new charging stations in its parking garage.

The chargers, GE's wall-mounted WattStation model, were unveiled today. They are located on the third floor of the parking garage as well as curbside, by the departures area.

The hardware will be managed through the airport's valet service, partly to ensure that no one driver hogs them, partly to keep the riff-raff out.

(Just kidding on that last bit.)

Purdue University is the institution responsible for the new chargers, and acquired the units with funding from Energy Systems Network through a grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development. The school's interest? Collecting data for use in myriad electric vehicle and smart grid research projects.

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