India's EmployWise focuses on smart people management

Companies growing at a rapid clip face a challenge that entrepreneurs sometimes forget — how do you manage a mushrooming employee population by keeping tabs on all of their various critical HR-related data while servicing their needs?

Name: EmployWise

Cloud Segment: SaaS

Type of App: HRM/People management

Founders/Management: Sumeet Kapur, Aashish Jindal

Failure to track headcount, or utilise tools that can manage people-related processes will eventually drive inefficiencies, if not chaos.  High quality HR processes help attract and retain scarce talent, and poor HR processes drive talent away – often to competitors.

Seen as a pioneer in HR SaaS Management, Gurgaon-based (near New Dehli) EmployWise offers nine modules that are easily integrated into existing leading HR products like SAP or PeopleSoft, thus giving the user instant best practices in a hosted, pay-per-user-per-employee-per-module cloud service.

Sumeet Kapur, co-founder of EmployWise

EmployWise liberates managers from accumulating and processing attendance data, an activity that is fully automated. Benefit claims with in-built payroll functionality can also be undertaken with ease. Employees can book business travel, tweak their itineraries, and claim expenses on the same system.

Managers can identify goals, undertake reviews, give feedback and evaluate their staff in the company’s performance management system. Staff can also apply for new jobs within the company through the EmployWise system.

Aashish Jindal, EmployWise co-founder

The EmployWise business was born out of an earlier successful CRM product called Smiles that was so successful, according to its founders, that it was transplanted to the HR arena. In 2008, the company won IBM’s Beacon Awards as part of Big Blue's partner recognition program that identifies outstanding business solution providers. It was also one of three finalists for the same award in 2013.

So, it’s not altogether a shocker that IBM recently announced EmployWise would be delivering its services on a cloud infrastructure using the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering. This helps EmployWise focus on its bread and butter while IBM manages the back-end operations.

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