India's ParaBlu claims to supply totally secure cloud storage

SaaS storage provider uses hardare plug-in appliance to protect client data in the cloud.

Name: ParaBlu

Type of App: Cloud Storage

Founders/Management: Kameswaran Subramanian

Cloud storage services are indispensable for most of us who need easy access to our documents and files, especially if we’re forever on the move. The one caveat is we're never really sure, due to public cloud terms of service disclaimers, whether our content is being altered, distributed, publicly displayed, or monetized in some fashion. And if you’re a business, where security and control are vital, you simply can’t take that chance.

Enter ParaBlu, a cloud storage outfit that ensures your data is stored in your personal cloud which the company insists only you can access. According to founder Kameswaran Subramanian, the company’s ‘Blu-Cloud’ hardware appliance plugs into your router and creates a personal cloud just for you in under a minute. It is also device-agnostic. 

ParaBlu founder Kameswaran Subramanian

A big target audience for ParaBlu’s solution is small businesses worldwide which includes a mother lode of around 14 million such firms right here in India.  ParaBlu gives them the ability to see all of their vital data that were previously housed in silos (planning, production, sales, marketing), but now in one place. The added advantage is being able to access data from anywhere in the world. Recently, the company tacked on the ability for users to create mini-clouds within the larger one, so smaller teams can operate within their own secure clouds.

ParaBlu also optimizes data transfer and network usage for companies with low bandwidth, which should be good news for the majority of their existing and prospective clients in India and in other emerging economies with limited communications infrastructure.

Originally devised as a way for individuals and families to seamlessly synchronize data (photos, videos, digital files) across all devices, this company eventually realized that there was a better business model out there and decided to pivot. India’s tech-lite small businesses may be thankful for it.