Indonesia busts online gambling ring

The police arrest six women and a man for allegedly running an illegal online gambling site and are charging them for money laundering and gambling, among other offences.

Indonesian police have arrested six women and one man accused of running an online gambling ring, which had a daily turnover of 50 million rupiah (US$5,200).

The Jakarta Globe on Saturday reported that a police officer had previously come across the Web site on Sep. 18 and registered as a member to see if real bets were being made. The site was later found to offer online gambling services, according to Adjunct Senior Commissioner Winston Tommy Watuliu, who is the head of the national police's cybercrimes division.

Registered players could transfer money to get coins which were then used to gamble in games such as poker. Should they win, they will be paid in coins which they can later exchange for money and have it transferred to their bank accounts by the site operator, the report stated.

The site had between 200 to 300 registered members in the Jakarta area, Watuliu said.

Authorities traced the Internet protocol (IP) address of the Web site and, on Oct. 18, the police raided a house located in Batam, Riau Islands, where the syndicate's operations were allegedly based and arrested five women there, the report noted.

Police also raided another house in the same subdistrict--Lubuk Baja--owned by another woman who was the alleged supervisor of the online syndicate. She later led police to the male accomplice--the bookie--who was living in Cengkareng, Banten.

All seven were arrested and charged with violating multiple laws on gambling, electronic information and transactions, and money laundering, The Jakarta Globe said.