Infocomm, engineering, art, design, and media

Programs at Singapore's centers of learning are getting more interesting as more infocomm and engineering courses include art, design, and media.

Art, design, and media are not new to infocomm and engineering. Convergence is not new to infocomm and engineering. But I was still pleased to learn that a Singapore university has a program where art, design, and media have been added to its classical engineering course.

In Singapore, many engineering courses have typically involved much software. We tend to refer to infocomm/engineering as a set. The art, design, and media schools and industries in Singapore have long been using infocomm tools. But it was rarer to find infocomm/engineering people getting their hands dirty with art, design, and media.

Maybe the digital camera did it. Techies found out how they could simply press a few buttons to take pretty images.

Maybe the MP3 player did it. Techies learned that they could simply press a button a few times to listen to more varieties of music.

Maybe the broadband internet access did it. Techies simply made a few finger presses and became more exposed to a wider range of videos.

Maybe ebooks did it. Techies learned to read literature!

Maybe the touchscreen smartphone on mobile 3G did it. Techies grew to appreciate all of the above.

Maybe the MMORPG did it. Now techies are eager to work where they can make their monsters look more "real", with light, shadow, and fur moving with the wind. And even when you are physically in another country, when your warrior, darting between other warriors, shoots his monster from this side of the bridge, his monster must be able to see from the other side of the bridge and immediately and smoothly dodge your warrior's shot, which will ricochet and land in a pile of rocks far away, with a loud explosion. A verse scrolls down the screen as the symphonic music plays. It is time for you to buy more game weapons from him. Perhaps these are the motivations for learning across the various fields.