Infor begins industry-specific CloudSuite rollouts

The cloud deployment platform is now available for the automotive and aerospace and defense industries - planned rollouts that stem from last month's migration of CloudSuite to Amazon Web Services.

Software giant Infor has begun the rollout of industry-specific CloudSuite offerings that it teased back in March when it moved the cloud deployment platform to Amazon Web Services, announcing Tuesday the releases of CloudSuite Automotive and CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense (A&D).

For CloudSuite Automotive, OEMs and top tier suppliers will be able to use the platform to electronically share data such as demand, supply and delivery information — potentially shortening delivery times and increasing responsiveness. Industry-specific analytics are delivered through a UI that provides insights on finance and metrics of the end-user's business.

As for CloudSuite A&D, the same core benefits found in Automotive apply, with only tweaks to the targeted industry insights and access to core industry applications.

Because cloud delivery via AWS is managed through a monthly subscription, deployment of both Automotive and A&D CloudSuites are touted to significantly reduce upfront IT expenditure. The suites also utilize Infor ION, a purpose-built middleware and social collaboration engine Infor Ming.le, which facilitates internal and external communications between customers and their suppliers. 


John Bermudez, vice president of product management for Infor, said in a statement:

Infor CloudSuite gives customers an opportunity to increase their return on investment and join the cloud movement, without sacrificing any of the industry-specific functionality delivered by Infor's products.

Infor said in the AWS announcement in March that its CloudSuite Corporate, which includes financials and human capital management, will move to AWS in the summer.

If Infor keeps up the momentum, CEO Charles Phillips could successfully position the company as a go-to, cloud-based ERP vendor that the likes of Oracle and SAP will need to take seriously. 

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