Infor overhauls SunSystems UX

Along with user experience improvements, the SunSystems 6.2 financial management platform offers expanded social business capabilities.

Infor has overhauled the user experience of its financial management software platform SunSystems with the Thursday release of version 6.2.

The SunSystems platform targets enterprises with management assistance in areas such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, along with sales, inventory, and purchase management.

The upgrades include tweaks to the enterprise data management and business unit management functions, as well as the extended analysis module, with self-service planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting tools. Infor said these features now integrate more seamlessly with ION and Ming.le.

Additional upgrades include the Unicode enablement of the SunSystems Business Unit database, which allows for a single SQL Server database to store values from multiple character sets, increasingly usability for international customers.

Diane Johnson, industry and solution strategy director for Infor, highlighted the benefits of logistics assistance capable of accommodating a global workforce:

Business is increasingly becoming more global, and with that globalization comes many more complexities associated with language barriers, employee collaboration, and general day-to-day logistics. Having a clear picture of the financial health of an organization is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage, and Infor SunSystems offers tools to dramatically reduce complex system modifications and standardize on a simple but powerful platform that optimizes key business processes without having to make functional tradeoffs.

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