Infor refreshes Expense Management UX

With the new 'smart' design crafted by Infor's design agency Hook & Loop, Expense Management users will see a more consumer-style interface with intuitive controls.

Infor's in-house digital design agency Hook & Loop is at it again, this time retooling the user experience for Infor's Expense Management (XM) software.

Infor XM automates the expense reporting cycle from report creation to approval and reimbursement. With the release of version 10.0, users will see a lot of new consumerized, real-time features at play, along with a more intuitive user interface decked with Infor SoHo styling. 

The reconfigured layout also gives users more clearly defined actions, with fewer walls for more visibility and less clicks. Infor also touts the new "smart" design as promoting user efficiency and confidence while also decreasing training time and the number of customer support calls.

"The next generation of Infor XM was designed to make using the application painless, and the focus was all about enhancing the way the tools flowed," said Elliot Golden, product manager for Infor, in a statement. "The Infor User Experience platform incorporates the latest consumer innovations into enterprise applications to turn siloed systems into synchronized ones, so our customers can create collaborative, personalized and highly intuitive work environments."

Infor's focus on design has been at the core of the enterprise software vendor's success strategy for some time, and it's representative of the whole consumerization of IT trend that's spreading throughout the industry. Ultimately, Infor's success will be tied to whether the company can convince enterprise customers that its "beautiful software" leads to actual revenue growth, user adoption and customer satisfaction.