Infosys announces three new service lines Ai Ki Dō

New Ai Ki Dō service offerings provide a high potential path to growth for clients.

Infosys last week announced a set of new service offerings to help organizations jump start growth. Organized into three areas and named Ai Ki Dō, the approach addresses design-driven initiatives, knowledge based IT, and platforms.

Three new service line offerings:

  • Design driven initiatives bring new ideas to clients. 道 - dō - a way or path houses the strategic design consulting, transformational digital experience and enablement of the future work force. Customers can expect this service line to use design thinking to industrialize innovation for customers.
    POV: Success will require the company to tap into its workforce's creativity to deliver on imagination, innovation, and design driven services. With 40,000 employees already trained on design thinking, the early embracement of this methodology is a strong start and differentiator in the market.

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  • Knowledge-based IT drives optimization and renewal . 気 - ki - spirit, energy, mood, morale describes how this service line assesses technology landscapes against KB principles. The goal: Develop a target model, apps and services portfolio, and road map for clients. In addition, this service line focuses on business consolidation, technology workforce demographic transitions, and knowledge based optimization.
    POV: At first glance, this service line shares many existing capabilities and appears to be a repackage. However, this service lines captures knowledge using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), simplifies existing applications with cloud technology, automates using dev ops, creates immersive experiences with API's around the core, and facilitates rapid development of IP. The result - simplification and streamlining of existing landscapes with a goal towards renewal. More importantly, this reduces time to value for new production of value added apps and services.
  • Platforms provide clients with an agile delivery model. 合 - ai - joining, unifying, combining, fit captures how design driven and knowledge based IT solutions will be delivered to clients. Based on open technologies, these platforms provide key building blocks to build new solutions.
    POV: Existing platforms such as Infosys Intelligence Platform (IIP) and others will live in this new service line. Service automation, KBIT, engineering services, mobile platform, and other apps platform will come here. One can expect Infosys to invest R&D to develop these platforms as well as augment with acquisitions to improve time to market.

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The Bottom Line: Infosys service lines reflect boardroom priorities

In Constellation's surveys of the C-Suite, the results are clear. Organizations face a chaotic technology and business landscape just as chaos increases around changing business models, disruptive technologies, and non-traditional competitors. In this chaos, clients lack a clear direction on how to grow culture, mission, spirit, and of course profits. How Infosys has chosen to launch these three service lines reflects a design point to not only help clients deliver on strategy and innovation, but also facilitate technology optimization and enable agile platforms required for digital transformation.