Infosys launches self-service cloud hub - with a little help from its friends

Infosys' Cloud Ecosystem Hub will let companies compare, buy and roll out cloud services from 30 partners including Amazon and Microsoft

Infosys has taken the wraps off its cloud self-service catalogue.

The product, launched on Tuesday under the banner of the Cloud Ecosystem Hub, will let companies buy, deploy and manage cloud services across multiple environments.

The Hub's brokerage service allows users to compare products from over 30 companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, VMWare and Oracle, on metrics such as quality of service and compliance with particular regulations. It can also make recommendations for where particular workloads should be deployed, based on those parameters.

In addition, the individuals who have requested the cloud service, anyone who has to approve its deployment, and the IT staff in charge of provisioning it can monitor and discuss the progress of the rollout via a Facebook-style interface.

Once a service has been provisioned, businesses can monitor its performance and uptake using a single window view.

"Organisations can look at the performance of their entire ecosystem, from their private cloud to multiple public clouds, on a single dashboard, in terms of how do they perform, are they adhering to their SLAs, are the service assurances on target, are security needs being met, are there compromises, breaches and so on, on a real-time basis," Vishnu Bhat, head of cloud at Infosys, said.

There are a few clients already piloting the Hub in the retail, manufacturing and financial services industries, and, according to Bhat, in future uptake of cloud services through the Hub is likely to vary by sector.

"I believe financial services will be heavily focused on automation of private cloud, building hybrid cloud for non-prod environment like test and dev kind of situations. We see that probably retail is going to be quite ready for a fairly advanced hybrid cloud set-up," he said.

Infosys launched a cloud ecosystem and professional services unit 18 months ago, which has so far landed 150 deals including strategy and consulting as well as activities such as hybrid cloud set-up, migration and big data system implementation.

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