Infosys seeks fresh U.S. college recruits

Infosys plans to look for talent in the U.S. and U.K. in their quest to create a more diversified, global workforce.

Infosys Technologies plans to recruit 300 college graduates from universities in the United States this year and 25 graduates from the United Kingdom in 2007 as part of an ongoing commitment to create a diversified, global workforce. In 2005-06, Infosys doubled the percentage of non-Indian employees, hiring more than 25 different nationalities.

In the first phase, Infosys’ university-level recruiting program in the United States will bring more than 100 American college graduates to India in August, 2006. The new employees hired will develop their engineering skills at Infosys Development Centers across India for six months before returning to Infosys offices in the United States. This is the first global recruiting initiative of its size to bring foreign talent to India.

The new hires will participate in a customized education program for four months, after which the American trainees will be relocated to various Development Centers throughout India for another two months before returning to various Infosys locations in the United States. Along the same lines, a pilot program will take place to recruit students from universities in the United Kingdom.

In another initiative Infosys Technologies is recruiting 30 interns from 17 leading technology and business schools across Europe, as part of its Global Internship Program--InStep.

Interns will be recruited from technology and business schools including Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and London Business School, UK; Mannheim University, Germany; Ecole Polytechnique, France; and St Gallen, Switzerland. Interns will have the opportunity to work at Infosys Headquarters in Bangalore, India on high quality, high visibility projects for between eight to 24 weeks.

As the largest institutionalized global internship of its kind in India, the 2006-2007 InStep program will recruit 125 students from 82 universities across the world including Harvard, Wharton and Stanford, US; Tsinghua, China; Seoul National University, Korea; Melbourne Business School, Australia. This is the third year the InStep program has recruited students from Europe.

InStep, which began with 300 applications for 14 positions seven years ago, received over 11,000 applications for 100 positions last year. In 2005-2006 28 interns were recruited from Europe as part of the InStep program to work on diverse projects ranging from applications development to business consulting, in practices including Corporate Planning, Education & Research, Enterprise Solutions and Software Engineering & Technology Labs.

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