Infrascale Cloud Backup Accelerator sees the cloud, not the appliance, as the focus

Bringing enterprise technology to the SMB customer.

Hybrid cloud backup technology is not new. Vendors in the backup hardware business were quick to take advantage of the information lifecycle approach to backup to make use of the cloud as an additional target for archival storage. Traditionally, the approach taken has been to offer a range of appliances, targeted at different size enterprises, with local capacity sized to meet the customer's need.

Many appliance vendors also have limited the cloud storage vendors supported, narrowing the possibilities of problems and limiting the support issues. And with the goal of supporting enterprise customers or only the cutting edge of the SMB space, vendors have priced their appliances accordingly.


Data protection vendor Infrascale is looking to change the dynamics of the hybrid cloud storage market with the introduction of their cloud backup accelerator product. Taking the one-size-does-fit-all approach on the appliance side, Infrascale is focusing on the cloud as the centerpiece of the model.


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Their Cloud Backup Accelerator (CBA) combines storage, de-duplication, and WAN acceleration along with support for all common client operating systems (including OS X) and the customer's choice of cloud provider.

Even discounting Infrascale's claims of greater performance than the competitive products, their pricing model offers significant advantages over the competition, coming in at 30 to 70 percent less in total cost. The flexibility of cloud and OS support also will make it a good choice for growing businesses in the SMB space who may find that they need to transition from one provider to another as their business requirements change and their storage needs grow.

While cloud storage has rapidly moved into the commodity class product, devices and applications that access that inexpensive storage will make the difference to businesses, more so than the back-end. Conversely, innovation will make the cloud back-end more usable and flexible, making it more valuable to business. Products that provide a seamless transition from local network to cloud, without being tied to specific operating systems or providers on either end, will give business the greatest value for their investment.