Infrastructure matters at Datacenter Dynamics Converged Conference

Datacenter Dynamics' Converged conference was happening in New York Tuesday where many suppliers believe that we are likely to see a "datacenter" commodities market arise.

Here at the Datacenter Dynamics' Converged conference in New York City, I'll be commenting on speakers and sessions as time permits:

Lisa Stanton, President, Americas, Monitise

Stanton's topic was "Is your infrastructure read for mobile money?" This session seemed to be very similar to something Alastair Lukies, CEO of Monitise, presented at the recent IBM Partnerworld (see IBM Partnerworld: Transforming for growth for more information).

She pointed out that in the payments industry, companies can't focus on any single country or geography. Tying mobile, money and consumers together is the big idea her company is focused upon. Monitise sees that empower people to manage their money, make purchases, and manage their lives using their mobile device.

She cited statistics showing that the average person checks their mobile device about once every ten minutes. More financial institutions, mobile providers, social media players and retailers understand that customers expect to be able to use their mobile device to do business. Customers also expect that these companies will focus on making things relevant to them and easy to use.

As with Lukies presentation at IBM Partnerworld, the session was interesting, persuasive and based upon common sense.

Update at 1 PM: I had a discussion with a number of suppliers and several of them believe that we are likely to see a "datacenter" commodities market arise. That is, when someone needs computing resources, they'll be able to go to a marketplace to see who is offering the needed resources, who is offering them at the best price and then purchase the needed resource on the spot.

This seems to be a reasonable future considering the trends towards highly virtualized, software defined datacenters, and cloud computing.