Infusionsoft seeks to go beyond CRM

The cloud software provider is seeking to create an ecosystem of integrated operations applications for small businesses.

Last week, I wrote about a software company, Stride, that is trying to pare back customer relationship management (CRM) just to the sales workflow process. On the opposite end of the spectrum are companies like Infusionsoft, which is seeking to offer small businesses a wide range of capabilties that stretch across CRM, marketing and e-commerce.

The company's big plug is that small companies can capture virtually every imaginable data point about customers and prospects and use Infusionsoft's integrated platform to many that information. The service links closely with your company's Web site, which is useful for small businesses with e-commerce needs who want a more holistic view of how a particular marketing campaign influences sell-through, said Rebecca Sprynczynatyk, director of product marketing for Infusionsoft.

"You are able to see everything that this contact is doing when he or she interacts with the Web site," she said.

In April, Infusionsoft launched a marketplace that includes more than 50 third-party applications that connect Infusionsoft with other tools, such as SMB text messaging, payment system or mobile applications.

Luc Stokes, owner of San Diego-based Degree 33 Surfboards, uses Infusionsoft to create integrated and automated marketing campaigns and to manage his CRM needs. For Stokes, one of the biggest benefits is its ability to let him schedule these activities far into the future. "I can click run and it really takes care of the rest," Stokes said.

Degree 33 Boards

That's important, because Stokes and his team needs to spend as much time out in the field as possible, testing new products and building interest in the ones that it already sells. Since Degree 33 adopted Infusionsoft, it has seen a 45 percent increase in revenue. You could debate whether or not those increased sales are related to the Infusionsoft deployments, but Stokes said the service has absolutely had a positive impact on productivity.

Small companies can gain access to Infusionsoft's standard basic marketing and lead generation package for $199 per month for up to 2 users and 5,000 contacts. The pricing ranges upwards from there.