ING Direct appoints COO for operations and IT

With the bank's former CIO receiving a promotion, the new COO will look after operations and IT.

ING Direct has placed Simon Andrews at the head of its operations, bringing the executive across from its Thai subsidiary, TMB Bank.

Andrews previously worked in the Australian ING Direct team as its chief architect, among other roles. His newest role will see him in the position of chief operating officer.

In addition to operations, his responsibilities will also encompass IT.

ING Direct CEO Vaughn Richtor said in a statement that Andews will be responsible for overseeing its Zero Touch IT project — a streamlining of the bank's core infrastructure.

The need for a new COO with IT capabilities was necessary due to former COO Anne Meyers taking up a new assignment at ING Direct's Italy offices, and former CIO Andrew Henderson moving to ING Group in Amsterdam.

Henderson, who has discussed the challenges from the bank's cloud deployment with ZDNet in the past, is now the head of the bank's global IT infrastructure services, its CTO, and reports into the global CIO for ING Bank.