Innovative map displays the workaholic habits of New Yorkers

New York is known as the city that never sleeps -- but how true is this statement?


New York" The Big Apple, concrete jungle, the city that doesn't sleep. It is well-known that businesses in the city operate at all hours and residents don't always stick to day schedules -- and a new, interactive map shows just how awake the city is.

New York is the target of Breathing City, a map which displays a 24-hour cycle of populations at both work and home. The map shows the hourly changes of population movement in Manhattan: flaring orange when people are at work, before cooling to an electric blue when New York residents are going home for the evening. Naturally, New York's hotspots, such as Times Square, are densely colored.

Breathing City's creator, Joey Cherdarchuk of Dark Horse Analytics, used five data sets from census counts to create the map. Population, employment, land use, building footprints, and work-based activity percentages by time of day were used to create density plots.

The map represents roughly 1.5 million residents and 2 million workers -- although a 2013 census puts the numbers closer to 1.6 million residents and 3.1 million workers-- and only work and play are represented as ways to spend your time in the city. While there are some flaws, the map is still an interesting visualization of New York life.

View the map here.

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