Inprise releases code for Linux developers

More source code to be let out: this time it's Inprise and they're releasing the code to Gnome

Inprise has announced plans to release the source code of its Kylix Linux rapid application development tool to the Gnome Foundation, a coalition building a software development framework for Linux applications. Inprise, which will revert to its former name, Borland, early next year, will also announce the availability of a free version of its Java development tool, JBuilder 4.0.

Inprise executives said that support for Gnome (GNU Network Object Model Environment), part of the GNU free software project, will be added to Kylix, so that applications developed with Kylix will adjust to the look and feel of the Gnome desktop.

JBuilder 4 Foundation, made available last week, is a free version of the latest release of the tool, which helps developers to build, debug and deploy Java applications. Features in the new release include the Java 2 JDK 1.3 Hotspot client virtual machine and an eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based project manager.

JBuilder user Bryan Ross, a senior developer at Acrux Integrated Solutions, said that the product helps to create efficient code. He added that the latest version includes more integration and support. "It's very nice that you can run JavaServer Pages and servlets in the JBuilder integrated development environment and test them," he said.

At the Comdex IT trade show last week, Webridge and SoftWire Technology also showed products designed to give developers a helping hand. Webridge demonstrated Private Exchange 3.0, a suite of software applications and tools for building exchanges for collaboration, e-commerce and content management.

SoftWire showed version 2.0 of its graphical programming interface for Visual Basic. Version 2.0 allows developers to build applications by selecting the functionality they want and connecting it with visual "wires" instead of writing code. New to the program is support for Excel, and network and email interfaces.

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