Inside GM's $130M data center

Check out photos of this new facility, which is part of GM's multi-million plan to consolidate its network of data centers and bring its in-house work under two roofs.

General Motors, which officially unveiled its $130 million enterprise data center in Warren, Mich., on Monday, has revealed details about its plan to spend another $100 million to build a companion facility nearby. (Check out photos of the Warren facility above and below)

The two information technology operations and command centers are designed to consolidate GM's network of 23 data centers, which are operated by the automaker and three IT suppliers. The aim is to bring all the in-house work previously outsourced to multiple IT companies under two GM roofs.

Construction on the $100 million companion facility at the Milford Proving Ground will begin this summer and is expected to open in July 2014, said GM.

The Milford location was chosen because it's more than 25 and less than 50 miles from Warren, allowing “mirrored” data, so if one facility is off line for any reason, the other will have the same data available without interruption, said GM.

Both centers will focus on high-power computing, using much the same equipment and material. The value of the IT equipment for Milford is estimated at $158 million, said GM.

Below are some more details about the 5,040-square-foot data center in Warren, Mich, which has 48 work stations and a 955-square-foot video wall composed of 28 configurable screens that monitor data use across operations.

Photos and graphic: GM

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