Inside SAS: Fact file

The facts and figures...

The facts and figures...

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Key financials (annual revenue):
2003: $1.34bn
2002: $1.18bn
2001: $1.13bn
2000: $1.12bn
1999: $1.02bn

Key claim:
27 consecutive years of profit and revenue growth

The executives:
Dr Jim Goodnight, CEO, co-founder and president
Dr John Sall, co-founder and senior vice president
Art Cooke, president SAS international
Greyson Quarles, executive vice president and chief admin officer
Keith Collins, chief technology officer
Suzanne Gordon, chief information officer
Jim Davis, chief marketing officer

The main products and technology:
SAS 9 suite which includes:
SAS Intelligence Platform
SAS Intelligence Value Chain
SAS Enterprise ETL Server
SAS Enterprise BI Server
SAS Intelligence Storage
SAS Analystic Technologies

High-profile customers:
Too many to mention, SAS now has customers in 105 countries worldwide, including more than 40,000 individual businesses, governments and universities. The company boasts 97 customers among the top 100 of the Fortune 500.