Insider Dealings: All The Gossip That's Fit To Read

The Luncher was saddened to hear this week of the departure of Sam Sethi from Netscape.

Never one to hide his light under a proverbial, Sethi has been a fierce and outspoken critic of Big Green. Maybe a litle bit too outspoken for his own good, some say.

That said, Sethi didn't really hate the Microserfs. 'The Netscape job was just a chance for him to play up the big bad demon Microsoft thing,' a friend told the Luncher over a pint of Guinness in Soho's White Horse where anorexic supermodels mingle with local artisans and ne'er-do-wells.

Whither Sam? Well, if you were dining at a top London hotel last Wednesday you might have seen him talking shop with Marimba boss Kim Polese. 'I prefer companies that talk less and make the occasional profit,' sniffed The Luncher.

Intel spent $100 million on its BunnyPeople PII ad campaign, learned the Luncher, at the chip-heads' champagne party at Mayfair's Intercontinental Hotel, where The Clothes Show's Jeff Banks was hosting the show. So when are the Bunny Girls coming on, asked the Luncher, haplessly? All he could see were people in shiny space suits break-dancing.

Stopping by at the buildings of ZDNet UK publisher Ziff-Davis, the Luncher noticed the entire UK wing of the publishing house was moving down the Thames to St Katharine's Dock. All those hacks moving home -- I can already hear the 'ker-ching' of the cash registers in the local St Katharine's boozers, he mused.