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Well, what a week it had been for The Luncher.
Written by The Luncher, Contributor

The poor chap was only just getting over paying £2.50 per pint of Guinness in his new office local when he was sent packing off to the countryside to meet Bill Gates.

Odd bedfellows, these Cambridge students and Big Bad Bill, he mused. After all, The Luncher knows two Microsoft Research scholars who can't stand the sight of Big Green's software. Still, what a great idea to make voice and pen-input computers. I mean, it's a whole new set of bugs.

What's the real scoop on Intel and Alpha?, everyone kept asking The Luncher. This kite won't fly was his reply, but don't bet against Digital selling Alpha elsewhere. Eight blue bars says those chips will head Armonk-way.

What about Sony's FireWire camera? Looks great but when are we going to see 1394 ports on PCs? Intel's board won't happen until Q4 next year is the rumour.

One more. How much does Sun hate Microsoft? You only have to listen to the pain in Mike Morris's voice to know the answer is 'mucho'. Check out the conference call playback if you don't believe a man can cry over JDK.

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