Insightly links cloud CRM with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook 2013

The integration will enable small businesses to keep track of customer interactions or manage leads directly from within Outlook or the Office applications.



One of the most popular cloud CRM applications, Insightly  (a perennial favorite in the Google Apps marketplace), now boasts a tighter integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013.

That means, essentially, that small business owners can manage customer interactions, leads, proposals and such right from within either the Office applications or Outlook.

"Our users have long cited our seamless email integration as one of Insightly's most valuable features, and that's been a big part of how we help customers succeed," said Insightly CEO Anthony Smith in a prepared statement. "Now, we're applying everything we've learned from our more than 300,000 customers to the new Microsoft Outlook app, boosting productivity for Outlook 2013 and Office 365 users, cutting the need for context switching between apps, and helping users accomplish more work in less time."

Here's what a small business can do with the integrated cloud services:

  • Save Outlook emails into Insightly with one click (linking contacts with specific messages)
  • Create new Insightly records from within Outlook
  • Edit CRM contact information from within Outlook emails
  • Link projects and opportunities between the applications
  • View a complete CRM activity history created and managed in Insightly from within Outlook

Insightly is used by an estimated 300,000 customers in 100 countries. There is a mobile app available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.