Instagram now top iPhone app

Instagram is now the top free iPhone app on Apple's App Store. The app saw a huge surge of downloads after Facebook announced it is acquiring the company for approximately $1 billion.

Yesterday, news broke that Facebook is acquiring Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. Today, Instagram's iPhone app is the top free iPhone app in the Apple App Store.

After taking a screenshot and uploading it to Instagram, which you can see on the right, the company made the announcement on Twitter:

Instagram is #1 in the @AppStore for the first time ever! Thanks everyone!

Some Instagram users aren't too pleased with Facebook's announcement, and yet clearly many people hadn't heard of Instagram till yesterday. Facebook's announcement and all the hype surrounding it caused thousands to download the app, if only out of curiosity. Can we call this the Facebook effect, or is that going too far?

This makes me wonder if Instagram is going to bother developing an iPad app. I mean, the bigger screen is obviously very advantageous for viewing photos, but taking photos with a tablet just looks ridiculous. I'm sure with Facebook's added muscle though, the team will at least consider the option. After all, tablets are only going to get more popular, and while smartphones will probably rule for a very long time, you have to diversify.

As I wrote yesterday, Instagram had 30 million accounts on the iPhone as of April 3, 2012. Until today, however, the app had never hit the number one spot, and it's already seeing more downloads than ever before. Will it hit 50 million this week?

Apple said last month that Facebook is the all-time free iPhone app in the U.S. and in the U.K.. I think it would be crazy if Instagram managed to get second place.

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