Installing Linux Mint 16 on a UEFI system with Ubuntu

My attempt at installing Mint 16 on a UEFI system with Ubuntu has had some - at best - mixed results.

The latest release of Linux Mint - 16, named Petra - was released on Saturday. 

Unfortunately, I have been preoccupied with the series about Btrfs , and I had not tried installing it until now.

The delay was also in part due to the fact that I thought/feared that it might not work on my UEFI systems, because there was a problem installing the RC version on those systems.

Well, the news is mixed. The good news is that the Linux Mint 16 (Petra) release does install successfully on UEFI systems - at least on the first one I have tried, which is my Acer Aspire One 725. 

The very bad news is that apparently in the process of fixing the previous UEFI installation problem, they have reverted to installing with an EFI boot directory name of ubuntu

Now, this is only a problem if you install it on a system where you already have Ubuntu installed - but in that situation, it is a big problem because it will overwrite the Ubuntu boot files, rendering your Ubuntu installation unbootable.

The release notes specifically state that the EFI boot directory will be called /boot/efi/EFI/linuxmint, and this was indeed the case with Linux Mint 15, which leads me to the aforementioned assumption that this has happened as part of fixing the UEFI boot problems.

If you don't have Ubuntu installed, and you don't plan to install Ubuntu on the same system after installing Mint, then I believe Mint will install and work without problem.  I will take a more complete look at it soon, as time permits.

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