Intamac lands $6 million investment for cloud-based home energy monitoring

U.K.-based Intamac Systems received a $5.93 million investment to develop its cloud-based home energy monitoring system.

U.K.-based monitoring services company Intamac Systems on Wednesday announced that it received a £4 million, or approximately $5.93 million USD, investment to develop its cloud-based home energy monitoring system.

The funds come from a syndicate of leading London based investors that include Carbon Trust Investments, Chandos Capital Ventures and Seraphim Capital.

Intamac is known for its web-based platform, which is used in conjunction with broadband and mobile home monitoring systems.

Those systems are used for several purposes, including:

  • Home security
  • Home automation
  • Energy management
  • Corporate video
  • Telecare

So far, the company has made partners in Europe, North America and Australia, with names such as D-Link, British Telecom, Technicolor, Alcatel Lucent, and IAG, Australia's largest insurance company.

It also has installed pilot programs for telcos and utilities in Europe.

The new funding will allow it to grow further overseas and deploy new products and services, particularly in that key "smart energy" management segment, which of course offer reductions in peak energy usage and overall reductions of emissions and costs.

"The Connected Home market is very active and we have made excellent progress in growing the business to become a global leader," said founder and CEO Kevin Meagher in a statement.

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