Intel to let you print your own custom robot at home

Would you like to create your own singing, dancing robot? You won't have to wait long -- but enjoy the price tag.

Intel plans to bring a custom, 3D-printed robot to the consumer market this year.

The chip maker's fully customizable robot debuted at the Code Conference this week in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Brian David Johnson, part of Intel's robotics team, brought along a white humanoid robot dubbed "Jimmy" to the event. Jimmy then proceeded to show off a number of tricks including walking, talking, tweeting and dancing. However, the company hopes that by opening up the project to developers, other uses for the robot will eventually be created -- from language translation to singing.


Johnson said:

"It's like a smartphone with legs. Your robot will be completely different from mine; you customize it and program the artificial intelligence, not by having a PhD in robotics, but by downloading apps."

Anyone with access to a 3D printer will be able to print the robot and assemble its basic parts, while working motors and wiring can be bought from Intel.

While the robot's starting price tag will be roughly $1600, Intel believes that consumers will be able to build custom robots for less than $1000 within five years.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has previously said that "Robots are coming, like it or not," and so by releasing their own open-source, custom product so soon, the company is one step of the competition. Intel also plans to eventually offer an application marketplace for robots, as well as kits and designs, at

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