Intel banks on emerging markets to boost smartphone efforts

Intel continues to aim Atom at the smartphone market. The big plan for 2013 is to target emerging markets.

Intel will launch a new Atom processor code-named Lexington aimed at emerging markets in a move to put more of its chips into smartphones.

Last year at CES, Intel announced plans to put Atom into phones. That effort largely played out, but Intel still trails Qualcomm and other mobile players by a wide margin. With that backdrop, Intel's move to target emerging markets makes a lot of sense.

Speaking at CES 2013, via CNET's live broadcast, Mike Bell, vice president for Intel's Mobile and Communications Group, said Acer, Africa-based Safaricom, and Lava, based in India, will announce products based on Lexington in the first quarter. Africa, China, India, Latin America and Southeast Asia are the initial target markets.



Bell said Lexington is designed to deliver value with no-compromise technology. Specifically, Intel noted:

  • That the Atom for the emerging market will deliver HD video encoding.
  • Quality pictures.
  • Up to 1.2GHz with hyperthreading technology.
  • Optimized to run Android applications.
  • And fast Web performance.