Intel celebrates microprocessor's 25th birthday

Intel this week begins celebrating the 25th anniversary of the microprocessor with events in London, France, Germany and the US.

November 15 marks the actual day when the first advertisement for the Intel 4004 chip appeared in US trade publication Electronics News. The legend goes that Dr. Ted Hoff, the inventor of the chip, came up with the design on a naturist beach in Tahiti while mulling over DRAM for calculators. However, the true genesis has often been disputed by other claimants.

Tonight in London, Intel will celebrate with a handful of industry analysts and members of the press, and will hold a large event tomorrow at Westminster's Church House Conference Centre . There will be presentations from Hoff, John Crawford, director of Intel architecture, and Keith Chapple, managing director of Intel UK. In the US, Intel CEO Andrew Grove will host the celebrations at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas, on November 15.