Intel CEO: Demand cheaper Internet in Europe

Demand lower Net charges or face a future of misery, Intel's Barrett is expected to say

Intel President and CEO Craig Barrett is expected to call on business leaders in Europe to demand lower Internet access costs to capture a lead in mobile e-commerce, at a press conference in Stockholm Tuesday.

Barrett is expected to say that for Europe to become a global leader in the area of wireless Internet business, reducing the cost of fast Internet access for consumers and small businesses is crucial.

He is expected also to urge European companies to improve their overall adoption of the latest e-business technologies.

Last year, Barrett and other executives from Intel criticised BT for its slow rollout of unmetered access packages.

On Tuesday Intel showed off its latest wireless solutions at its new Wireless Communications Competency Centre in Stockholm to international journalists. Bluetooth-enabled laptop devices were on show, as Intel sees Bluetooth as a key enabling technology for the future.

Intel and Microsoft last week announced plans to integrate Bluetooth into the Windows operating system.

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