Intel exec acknowledges delay in rolling out Ivy Bridge processors

An Intel exec has confirmed that its new Ivy Bridge processors will be delayed approximately 8 to 10 weeks due to manufacturing issues.

If you waiting to update your computer until Intel released its new Ivy Bridge processors, you may need to wait a little longer. An Intel exec has confirmed to the Financial Times that the new chips will be delayed due to manufacturing issues.

Sean Maloney, executive vice-president of Intel and chairman of Intel China, says that the April launch date for the first CPUs has been set back roughly 8-10 weeks thanks to adjusting to the new 22nm manufacturing process required for the chips. He now "thinks" the Ivy Bridge launch has been adjusted to June, still within the second quarter schedule that Intel has envisioned.

We've reached out to Intel to see if the company can provide any more details about the report and will update this post later today when we hear back.

[Via Gizmodo]