Intel factors for the future with new factories

Intel is building for the future with plans to create huge factories in Fort Worth, Texas and San Jose, Costa Rica.

The first will be a $1.3 billion, 800,00 square feet wafer fabrication plant to be called Fab 16, slated to go live by 1999 with 800 staff. Initially, the plant will use a 0.25-micron process to produce Intel's most advanced chips.

The second is a $300 million, 400,000 square feet assembly and testing facility that is scheduled to begin working early in 1998. 2,000 staff will be employed. Ground has just been broken for yet another test/assembly unit in Shanghai, China to be used for flash memory production.

"We believe growth of the PC industry will continue and are taking appropriate steps to make sure that Intel will be able to meet the needs of our customers," said Intel CEO Craig Barrett.

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