Intel, GE upgrade remote healthcare offerings

The new joint venture has upgrades to bolster its offering in a field for which -- in the U.S., anyway -- interest is growing.
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Intel-GE Care Innovations, the relatively new joint venture between the two companies, announced this morning a few new updates to its work in remote healthcare management.

The first is the introduction of an informative website -- it calls it a "briefing center" -- intended to help health plan representatives learn about remote care management and how it can benefit them. It was developed in partnership with Healthcare Payer News and seeks to guide people through the process of implementing remote care.

The second is an upgrade to its Innovations Guide remote care management platform that includes improved response time, video conferencing, set up for home installations and decommissioning for when patients leave the remote care program.

With healthcare costs growing to ever-dizzying heights in the U.S., remote care management is seen as one solution to relieve the financial pressure. It's also seen as a better alternative for chronic disease treatment and care for elderly patients who need observation but perhaps don't need to make the trip to a specialized health facility on a regular basis.

With technology (that's the Intel part of the partnership), the companies hope to provide more care for less cost.

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