Intel: Hard drive shortages aren't leading to SSD pop

"So far we have not seen a big uptake in demand for SSDs," says Intel's CFO.

One of the working theories revolving around hard drive shortages was that PC buyers would move toward solid state drives. However, the SSD revolution is on pause for now.

Ultrabooks: Will they boost SSD adoption?

Intel CFO Stacy Smith said that SSDs aren't taking off yet. Intel cut its sales outlook. Smith said:

So far we have not seen a big uptake in demand for SSDs. That said, I do expect that to happen. I think that it will be one of the ways that the industry helps offset some of the HDD shortage; and I also think if you go out towards the end of 2012, and you think about notebook computer at the end of 2012, which is very thin, very light, very power efficient, Ultrabook class machine, SSDs become really important in that. And so, we will certainly be using this as an opportunity to help drive that trend.

The SSD revolution may be on pause because the hard drive shortages haven't resulted in PC and laptop shortages just yet.

Tom Kilroy, Intel's general manager of its sales and marketing group, said SSDs may pick up once those shortages of computers surface. Kilroy said:

As the supply picture in HDD is becoming more apparent to our customers, they will look at all options going forward to address the gap that will be occurring in the supply chain. And so, the SSD picture could change going forward.


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