Intel hosts e-business summit

Intel hosted event attracts industry leaders and businesses.

SINGAPORE - Technology and e-Business leaders assembled yesterday at The eXCHANGE e-business summit in the US, validating the momentum behind Intel-based solutions.

Attending and addressing the event are industrial leaders Carly Fiorina, chairman, president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Corporation; Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation; and John M. Thompson, vice chairman of IBM.

Held at Fort Mason, San Francisco - the two-day summit, which was hosted by Intel Corporation, highlighted the importance of a worldwide e-business ecosystem to support today's growing Internet economy.

"Decisions you make today on your Internet-based business model will have consequences for decades," said Craig R. Barrett, Intel president and CEO. "An open architecture creates unlimited possibilities to build the most flexible, scalable, cost-effective and innovative e-business solutions."

At the event, Intel provided an update on some of its key e-business building blocks and programs. Intel said it is placing the final touches on its Itanium processor family and expects initial Itanium processor-based pilots to be shipping this quarter.

More than 400 applications are currently being developed, and Intel has shipped more than 6,500 prototype systems and almost 32,000 processors since November.

In addition to keynote addresses, more than 100 companies showcased their e-business success stories and products.