Intel introduces a pair of Core i3 Ivy Bridge mobile processors

Intel's third-generation Core processors are popping up everywhere, and now they look set to conquer even more territory.

Intel's third-generation Core processors -- a.k.a. Ivy Bridge -- are popping up everywhere, even in Microsoft's new Surface for Windows 8 Pro tablet. Now they look set to conquer even more territory with Intel's launch of a pair of Core i3 CPUs for laptops.

The Core i3-3110M is a mainstream dual-core chip with four threads able to run 1.8GHz. The 35W processor comes with 3MB of cache, and supports PCI Express 3.0. The integrated HD Graphics 4000 run at a base clock speed of 650MHz with a maximum speed of 1GHz. While it uses Intel's hyper-threading technology, it does not support the Turbo Boost feature. Intel lists the i3-3110M for $225.

The Core i3-3217U is listed at the same price, but as its name suggests, it's an ultra-low-voltage chip designed for more portable systems. As such, the dual-core, four-thread CPU runs at 1.8GHz but consumers just 17 watts of power. While it also has 3MB of cache, the i3-3217U's HD Graphics 4000 run at a base frequency of 350MHz, though the maximum clock speed is 1.05GHz. Unlike the i3-3110M, this chip only supports PCI Express 2.0.

Look for both new Core i3 processors to start popping up in Ultrabooks soon.

[Via Fudzilla]