Intel intros datacenter admin software with focus on OpenStack

Intel has unveiled a new platform designed to help businesses deploy and operate private clouds more efficiently via software-defined infrastructures.

Image: CNET/CBS Interactive

SAN FRANCISCO---Intel is launching a new suite of software aimed at datacenter administrators, with a particular focus on OpenStack deployments as well as the private cloud.

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Known by the mouthful moniker "Intel Datacenter Manager: Service Assurance Administrator" (Intel DCM: SAA), the platform aims to bring more services into software-defined infrastructure environments while also reducing deployment times.

Intel boasted this reduction could be as great as from weeks to minutes.

Speaking at Intel's "Tech to Watch" seminar in downtown San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon, Shannon Poulin, vice president and general manager of the datacenter marketing team at Intel, acknowledged there a lot of gaps in how people want to deploy technology.

"What we’re looking at right now is an industry in flux,” said Poulin, positing that as people are looking to move to cloud, people are either coming up with great solutions or problems in how to deploy datacenter technology.

Furthermore, he summed up the pressures being put on IT are “a mess."

Boyd Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel’s datacenter software division, reiterated questions remain for running enterprise workloads in the cloud, lamenting that even with all the efficiency gains thanks to the cloud, plenty of user expectations over security and consistency still haven’t been met.

Poulin said the processor giant is seeing more businesses gravitate toward on-premise cloud environments. Thus, the Intel DCM: SAA has been tailored to fit gaps within that realm.

"What we’re looking at right now is an industry in flux,” said Poulin.

Reflecting on Intel’s existing software-defined infrastructure vision, Poulin admitted the department realized there are some commonalities across the industry.

In that context, he continued, Intel’s SDI vision could be considered similar to others when it comes to providing numerous orchestration, hardware, and application layers. Intel’s idea to stand out, suggested Poulin, is exposing telemetry throughout these layers.

Intel's new SDI software suite covers the gamut for monitoring, remediation and reporting in real-time.

More specific features include a controller for allocating datacenter resources based on telemetry data generated by compute node agents as well as analytics capabilities for tracking potential service-level agreement violations.

Intel also has OpenStack in mind, promising that applications provisioned on the open source cloud platform will be assigned a designated performance SLA for targeted -- and ideally better -- performance using hardware instrumentation and adjustments.

Available now, Davis highlighted datacenter and cloud infrastructure provider Redapt as the first vendor that will be bringing this new technology to market for Intel.

For a closer look at Intel's Datacenter Manager: Service Assurance Administrator software, check out the promo video below: